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Pleated Blinds

- Adam - 07739 523002

Pleated blinds are a zig-zag style pleated fabric which in basic form folds along multiple creases and pulls up from the bottom much like a roller blind does.

  • Available in lots of fabric choices

  • Operate as cord or tensioned 

  • Available as Perfect Fit 

  • Great for conservatories 

  • Can be done as honeycomb


Pleated blinds are a single skin fabric with multiple horizontal fold lines which allow the blind to pleat as the blind is pulled up. Most pleated fabrics have a reflective backing to reflect more light, heat and UV damage out. They work particularly well in conservatories due to heat reflection/retention and can be done as free hang or Perfect Fit or a mixture of both. 

Pleated blinds can also be done as a cellular style pleated which is a dual fabric with an air pocket between them which allows better heat retention in the winter and better cooling in the summer. They are also know as hive, thermashade or honeycomb.

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