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Roller Blinds

- Adam - 07739 523002

Roller blinds are one of the classic blind types. Practical in its design makes for simplistic shade and privacy, adding pattern and valance can really make a simple roller really stand out.

  • Available in lots of fabric choices

  • Operate as cord chain, sprung or motorised. 

  • Optional valance cover 

  • Moisture and waterproof fabrics


Roller blinds are a single piece of fabric which roll around a aluminium barrel which can be rolled up to the top of the window be either a sidewinder chain, a sprung barrel which is pulled down manually or with a motorised remote. There are hundreds of choices of fabrics to choose from in including plains and textured to full patterns.

Why not add a valance to your roller blind which encases the roller barrel behind an aluminium boxing which is available in a choice of colours or most popular is to wrap cover the valance in the same fabric as the blind. Roller fabrics can also match up to the vertical fabrics we have on offer, great where both verticals and rollers are required. There are numerous ways to customise your blind, such as different colour brackets, metal chains and different shapes that can be added to the bottom of the blind such as a scalloped edge. 

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