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Vertical Blinds

- Adam - 07739 523002

A vertical blind consist of vertically  hanging fabric louvers which attach on a sliding track allowing different levels of privacy and light shade

  • Lots of colour and pattern choices

  • Choice in track colours

  • Cord or Wand operation 


Available in hundreds of colour choices a vertical blind consists of 3.5” louver fabrics or slats which hang vertically and are able to be rotated 180 degrees and drawn back. They allow complete light and privacy control and work well for larger windows.

Often thought as as office blinds, vertical blinds can now look very contemporary. There are lots of choices in colour along with choices of textured fabrics and patterns. Also including blackout fabrics and waterproof fabrics, ideal for blocking out more light in the bedroom and for blinds required in a bathroom where the blind may get wet. There are also colour choices for the tracks to make a different feature. Note the grey track in the picture above

There are numerous option on how you can control your vertical blind, the two main options are either wand operated or cord operated. Wand operation essentially is a metal wand or stick that hangs from the track which is used to draw the blind either to the left or the right also to rotate the slats. Cord operation is a string cord either on the right or left, using appropriate child safety measures the cords are fixed back which allows your to pull the slat to the left, right or open from the middle and also rotates the slats.

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